i love you!

i never thought it could be like this . OMG ! i really love you.love you so much.seriously , i love the way you are . just now im trying to hug you.swear ! i love you to hear your voice every single day , it's like the whole world stop and im just listening to you ,can you call me every day sayang?

now,i really miss you.i miss the way you laugh with me . the way you look at me . the way we talk each other .the way you nip my check. the way you hold my hand . the way you smile with me . truly im in love with you sayang . i miss the day we meet each other . i miss the day we loafing each other .

bie , did i do something wrong to you?if i did something wrong to you i just wanna to say im so sorry sayang. OMG ! i don't know how to explain with you with my love to you.only god know about it . i will never make you dissapointed with me,i promise!bie you always talk about 'married',i really delight,when you say about married heee . bie, you know what ,i do really like to hear you saying " i love you " . it's make me smile mcm org gila.HAHA .